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Residential work covers a broad spectrum. In contrast to commercial work in buildings built and used for one purpose, residences can cover the entire scope of the trade under just one roof. So, the tradesmen working in residential wiring and methods needs to be versed in the whole scope that he might come across in an environment like that, as opposed to a commercial environment that tends to be more specialized. Think of it as the difference between a good GP and a practiced Surgeon.

To be well rounded, a good electrician needs to have years of experience doing both. And that is why most licensing municipalities do not allow electricians to even take the licensing tests until they have between seven to eleven years in the trade. While some might think that is too long a time to apprentice, it really does take that kind of time to get the experience needed to be trusted with a Masters License. 

We currently have two Masters Licensed guys in our shop. Our strongest Journeyman is pushing seven years now. Those combined years of experience help keep costs down on residential service calls, simplify projects like additions and renovations and lend real experience to consulting work in the planning stages. 

So, when you call us to consult or work on your residential work projects, you get a company that has wired many homes in the valley, large and small, old and new. We bring all that experience to your job. And, we offer free consulting as well.  Don't hesitate to call us and pick our brains, or have us come out to the site for a visit.

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