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Having a reliable and well trained electrician is vital to commercial building owners.  From the start of construction to the building and equipment maintenance in the years to come, you can count on Self Made to keep your operation running smoothly.


We handle every aspect of commercial new construction and building electrical maintenance.  

This includes:

  • Parking lot lighting

  • Building lighting

  • Lighting controls

  • Electrical equipment repairs such as motors and starters

  • Power Factor, Harmonic Distortion and Real Power load calculation and analysis

  • NY State Labor Board workplace safety audit jobs and OSHA safety compliance (so if the inspection of your work place shows you need electrical compliance, call us for solutions that keep you on line)

  • Energy Management

  • Building Controls, Vantage Lighting Automation

  • Competitive bids gladly provided

  • 24/7 service calls

When it comes to service calls, we know quick response times are important to you.

Electrician Tools
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