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 Vantage Controls

We are Vantage Dealers. 

What made us choose Vantage and also the reason you may choose it too?

We had worked to this point with the other two big controls companies, Lutron and Crestron.  Vantage was well positioned and competitive.  They had recently been purchased by LaGrand, the parent company of Pass-Seymour electrical equipment.  And while Lutron had been content to stick with older designs, Vantage was working hard to use the new technology coming online.  Vantage hardware was more versatile, dimming larger loads and proving very reliable over time.  We thought at the time, and still do today, that this company was the best.  We wanted to work with their equipment; they were our first choice.

Another reason we liked Vantage above the other systems:  It seemed to us that other controls systems locked up their hardware to the point that homeowners were hostages in their own house.  They owned the house, but could not work on the equipment.  Many people, out of frustration, ripped these systems out because of it.  Really, these companies had lost track of what they were there to do, and were focused on getting more of your money not turning your lights off and on.  

Vantage has taken another approach.  They have worked hard to have interfaces the customer can work with.  They can be adjusted at the point of interface, the switch.  And if a homeowner really want to, they can even go to programming class and learn to run their house themselves.  How can you beat that?  So you have a system that works for everyone, and doesn't make the homeowner or building owner a hostage in a place they own and spend a lot of hard earned money on.

Their ethic is the kind of ethic we have.  We really like this company, we have confidence in their equipment, we have confidence in their support staff.  It's a relationship that has grown over the years with us.

So if you are interested in a controls system because your work scope says you need one, or you want one for all the other things a controls system can do, Vantage really is the best choice for you.  And these systems do much more than lighting controls.  They are compatible with tablets and smart phones.  They can control audio/video systems, pools.  Just about anything you can dream up these systems can control.  And you won't lose control of your house when you invest in one.