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Mice Damage

Posted by Eric Self on February 7, 2017 at 10:50 AM

Mice have no business in your house. And you can add to that rats, squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, whatever. And if you have snakes or find snakeskins, rest assured you have enough mice around to keep them happy.


So what’s the beef with mice? That they eat wires?


Well, yes, but not because they are hungry, or bored. From the damage we come across, it’s because they are trying to open up passageways for traveling around inside the walls.  Your walls and ceilings are all drilled out for the wire and cabling pulls. When these holes get made for the wire pulls, they also create pathways for the mice to travel once they are in the house.

Nowadays, the Romex style wire cabling has a built in “anti rodent” pesticide in the sheathing.  This ingredient supposedly deters mice from chewing the Romex. That’s good news if you have more modern wiring, but the older wiring doesn't have it and it’s not real clear that the new stuff works anyway from what we’ve seen.


How do you prevent mice damage? Number one, keep the mice out of your house. Seal the gaskets around your garage doors. Sprayfoam any cracks or penetrations in your foundation. Look for holes around your soffits on porches and roofs. If you can keep the mice out of the house, you can keep them out of your walls and wire pathways.  Look for the new pest proof spray foam.  It works well, much better than the old regular spray foam. And it doesn’t rely on pesticides but instead incorporates a sticky glue that hardens better and is very difficult to chew through. Combine it with the copper wire brillo style cleaning pads and it works great to fill the larger gaps.

If you find that you cannot keep them entirely out of you house, say particulary the basement or garage, block the openings inside those areas that allow them to make it to your interior walls. Use that same spray foam and copper pad combo.  Fire Caulk is another product that works well.  Mice proofing your house is a game of inches, and it can take a little time, but it can be done. And it can save you a lot of expense repairing damaged wires.

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