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Outdated Equipment Cont.

Posted by Eric Self on November 29, 2013 at 1:00 PM

When it comes to discussing outdated equipment, the number one offender in the Mid Hudson Valley is Federal Pacific Corp.  This company no longer exists, but their equipment lives on and is still installed in many homes and businesses in the region.  

Of course, there are many companies out there with outdated stuff, but the Federal equipment has the distinction of being both illegal and dangerous.

The illegal part is that homeowners are not allowed to sell a house with a Federal Pacific Panel in New York State.  They have to replace the panel before the closing, or make it a condition of the sale.  Or just not do it at all and nobody notices which still happens and leaves the new owner holding the bag...

The dangerous part has to do with the fact that their breakers don't trip.  Most people never seem to need their breakers to trip, but those that did and had Federal Pacific panels were in real trouble.  That's why the panels and breakers are illegal; they cause fires.

Homeowners aren't the only victims here, commercial buildings still have this equipment too.  Just last year we had a panel fire in the Ford Dealership in Kingston.  Some welding equipment was shorting out but the breaker would not trip, so the buss board took the hit and just melted.  By the time we got there, about ten percent of the panel was ruined.

I guess the moral of this story is that you really don't want to be thinking about why you still have one of these stupid panels while you are trying to shut it off somehow because it's on fire.  Get rid of it now.

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